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What we do

At XCel Performance, we provide you with a high quality healthcare aimed at keeping you out of pain and to improve your resilience and physical performance.


Osteopathy is a non-invasive manual therapy that aims to improve health throughout your body using soft tissue massage, joint manipulation and strain-counter strain techniques. As an osteopath, we look at treating the body as a whole and look for the root of your symptoms. 

What to expect from your first session: 

- Comprehensive case history

- In-depth movement assessment

- Management plan

- Education and exercise program.

- Ongoing Email and phone support

Strength and Rehabilitation

At XCel Performance, we pride ourselves on delivering you with high quality coaching and support.

Our exercise prescription program is a powerful way to improve your strength and decrease your pain. The rehabilitation program is designed to build back your strength and get you doing what you love.

This session includes the following:

- Movement assessment

- Strength and weaknesses outlined

- Exercise programming

- Goal setting

- 1:1 Movement supervision and education

- Ongoing Email and phone support

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